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Creative photography with expression elements.

I have been a photographer for more than ten years. I’m not a fan of big photo editing and retouching, I prefer raw photos, the way they look when you press the shutter. Maybe that’s why I got interested in a competition called Photomarathon, which I have participated in many times in various places in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In these competitions it is forbidden to edit the photos in any way. This led me to create multiexposures, thanks to which I can create something completely unexpected without computer intervention. Often it is hard to believe that the photo has not undergone any post-production. Multiexposure creates various „imperfections“ in an image that give it a unique character. In today’s world of „perfect“ images, I consider this a definite plus.

The atmosphere of my work is rather gloomy and you can feel this slightly depressive touch with elements of expressionism throughout my work.
I often collaborate with my partner Lenka Tomanova, we come up with the images together and in a large part of them she takes on the role of a model. She becomes the visual link between the photographs.

When we work, we are inspired by dreams. A dream is like a window into the human interior and often offers strange scenes that fascinate us both artistically.


Exhibition of „Survive“ set in the BALT, Prague, Karoliny Světlé 31

Exhibition of Photomarathons, Prague, Klapkova


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